Make the pleasure of learning accessible to all.

Lexiko is the very first learning and development platform designed to support children with learning disabilities.
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Lexiko is a pedagogical game, designed by speech therapists.

Lexiko adapts to each child by offering targeted content corresponding to his difficulties, for a playful progression at his own pace.



Lexiko offers a truly innovative approach, providing the child with a fun and personalized tool to accompany him/her in the face of his/her difficulties.

Pr Hugo Peyre, Child Psychiatrist and Associate Researcher at the Laboratory of
Cognitive Sciences and Psycholinguistics (LSCP)

How does it work?

Here, in three steps, is how Lexiko works:

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Identify precisely the child's difficulties, in order to adapt the content of the game accordingly.

The child's speech therapist has direct access to the platform where he will be able to fill in what he needs to train on, in just a few clicks.

Over time, Lexiko also performs a detailed follow-up of each child to better understand his difficulties, and to make sure to propose the right exercise, with the right content, at the best time.

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Each child can train through a game adapted to his needs.

Thanks to the identification of his difficulties, Lexiko then adapts playful exercises, created by speech therapists, so that they correspond perfectly to the needs of each child.

These unique exercises are then directly integrated into an arcade game. Training on Lexiko is always a pleasure, and is never perceived as a constraint by the child!

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Lexiko allows the speech therapist and the parents to follow the child's progress.

The child's progress is measured and reassessed over time. This allows the speech therapist to monitor what is being learned, and to focus on the essentials during his sessions.
Thanks to Lexiko, parents can also understand and track their child's difficulties, with access to a detailed follow-up of their child's progress.

Are you a speech therapist?

Find out how Lexiko works in detail, and help us revolutionize your patient follow-up!

"The children hit on it straight away, and it's a real pleasure for them to be able to train while having fun!"

Hortense, Speech therapist in Rouen (France)


A note from Wilmer & Hector, the 2 co-founders of Lexiko.

We created Lexiko based on a simple fact: children suffering from learning disabilities have a real need for personalized support, which most of them unfortunately cannot access.
At Lexiko, our mission has remained the same since day one: to do everything possible to make the pleasure of learning accessible to all, without distinction.
We are very happy to see you here, and sincerely hope that Lexiko can really help your child progress!



  • For which children is Lexiko adapted?

    Lexiko has been specially designed for elementary school children with specific written language disorders. Because of its extremely playful and progressive approach, Lexiko can also be a real learning tool for any child wishing to reinforce his learning at home.

  • How is the relationship with the speech therapist?

    Lexiko was designed as the reference tool for the child's follow-up by the speech therapist. At the end of the session, the speech therapist can inform the child's difficulties on the platform in just a few clicks, so that Lexiko can automatically adapt accordingly.

  • My child is not followed by a speech therapist, can I still use Lexiko?

    Lexiko Plus, intended for children who are not yet followed by a speech therapist, is currently being developed by our teams. If you would like to be the first to be informed of its release, do not hesitate to register using the form below.

Our team


Hector de WazièresCEO & co-founder


Wilmer DazaCTO & co-founder

Marie Laure Chleq Lexiko

Marie-Laure ChleqSpeech-language pathologist


Careers at Lexiko

We are constantly looking for new talents to build together the future of personalized education.

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