Lexiko allows you to set up a follow-up that is 

from home

Our ambition: to offer you the best tool, in addition to your sessions, to better support your patients suffering from specific written language disorders. 

How to use Lexiko

Master the points to work on

When you wish, complete in a few clicks the points on which your patient needs to train. Once done, we take over! 

Generate the optimal follow-up

We then generate the exercises specific to the elements you wish to work on, and integrate them into a playful and progressive game to do at home.

Focus on the essentials

Access your patient's progress metrics at all times, and focus on the essentials during their sessions.

Adjust each exercise with specific content,according to the difficulties of each patient

Lexiko now integrates all the exercises related to learning to read. They are playful and progressive, and allow you to establish a follow-up between each session to capitalize on what you have seen with the child.

Phonological disorders

Visuo-attentional disorders

Assembly work

Addressing work


Reading speed

Writing (Beta Version)

Understanding (Beta Version)

Lexiko is a free tool.

Lexiko is, and will always remain, a tool available free of charge to all speech therapists.

If you would like to register to use Lexiko as soon as it becomes available (we promise, we are working on it), please enter your email address in the field below.

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